The Desert Fathers : Spirituality

"I don't care who you are, These guys are just plain messed up. Distorted spirituality, conflicting ideas on Christianity and lyrics so vague, they make you question whether these guys are new age spiritualists or even atheistic. I'm not saying they are any of those things. But nothing about them is musical, entertaining or even tolerable. Probably one of the worst CDs Ive ever heard."

(TS: Personally, we like this review best, in spite of it's negative tone. It really captures the idea of the record.)

"The Spirituality is the greatest work of art in the past 400 years." -Roctober

"An utterly remarkable record. It truly sounds like nothing else around. A shot in the arm for rock music." -Kerrang

"A fascinating peek into a singular sound world." -Wire

"This record will renew your faith in music." -GhettoBlaster

"A triumphant noise-rock album. As uplifting as it is ferocious." -Delusions of Adequacy

"4 stars. These songs are simply otherworldly." -All Music Guide

"The Desert Fathers deserve as much attention as is humanly possible. Utterly unlike anything I've ever heard before, the Desert Fathers have created an entirely original work." -Aiding and Abetting

"The first truly original album of the 21st century."-Loconotion

"As a music reviewer, it is rare to be able to listen to an album and have your jaw drop. A true new sonic realm." -Action Man Magazine

"An album truly worthy of all the previous time it takes to listen. An ever-changing amassment of sound that pits dissonance and consonance to a battle where the participants settle for a tie, shake hands and walk away satisfied knowing that they have created something challenging, yet resplendent." -Indie Workshop

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