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First Nature : self-titled

Imagine how awesome it would be if Tom Petty and Arthur Russell were in a band together. Listen to the new First Nature album and find out! A joyous collaboration between members of the Forms and Desert Fathers!

The Forms : Derealization

After receiving a vinyl of the self-titled EP, the Forms dropped the needle on the 33 and, to their amazement, as the disc spun at 45 rpms, the songs took on an entirely new character. After experimenting with different speeds, they knew a “remix... more

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The Forms : self-titled

"Making this album was a pretty painful process," admits Forms frontman Alex Tween when asked about the band's follow-up to 2004's incredibly well-received, Pitchfork-approved debut Icarus—and, to be honest, his comment is a bit of an... more

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The Forms : Forms Logo Shirt

These are American Apparel shirts, and look really good! The magenta ink on the black shirt is darker -- it looks more like purple.

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Acquaman : Ice / Formation Of Waters

Choregrapher Spela Sterle asked Acquaman of the Forms and Desert Fathers to write music for a modern dance piece that had to sound like icebergs breaking and turning into water. The result is the following... more

The Desert Fathers : Spirituality

"I don't care who you are, These guys are just plain messed up. Distorted spirituality, conflicting ideas on Christianity and lyrics so vague, they make you question whether these guys are new age spiritualists or even atheistic. I'm not saying... more

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